Meditation Helps Lower Truancy and Suspensions - a beautiful video report about meditation at school (6min 33)

(04.03.2012) mehr »

The Origin of the Universe and the Nature of Consciousness - Special webcast by Dr. John Hagelin

(19.02.2012) Now available until February 28, 2012 You are cordially invited to an extraordinary tour of the universe with one of the great visionary scientists of our time. Dr Hagelin’s introductory... mehr »

A new english website especially for meditators

(12.10.2011) The direct link to the advanced programs: Enlightenment—The Transcendental Meditation Magazine Welcome to Enlightenment, a free online magazine... mehr »

Ein spannender Videoclip mit Live-Gehirnwellenmessungen während Transzendentaler Meditation

(04.09.2011) Absolut erstaunlich zu sehen, wie schnell und einfach die Technik anzuwenden ist. Vom ersten Tag an funktioniert es, der Geist transzendiert spontan. Eine neue Erfahrung für das Gehirn.... mehr »

Online-Course: "The Essence of Buddhism in Light of Maharishi Vedic Science"

(21.08.2011) Maharishi University of Management is pleased to announce the offering of a new online course, The Essence of Buddhism in Light of Maharishi Vedic Science, which will begin September 12,... mehr »

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80% of successful people meditate

(16.12.2017) people meditate mehr »


(16.12.2017) Was Menschen sagen, die die TM praktizieren: Referenzen mehr »

A NEW SCIENCE FOR PEACE - Research on Transcendental Meditation, the Brain and Peace

(13.12.2017) Tuesday, 5th December, 2017 American University, Washington, D.C. A NEW SCIENCE FOR PEACE mehr »

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