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Maharishi Enlightenment Center Basel - Welcome

Transcendental Meditation can be started at any time.
Every day free introductory lectures are given about the technique of Transcendental Meditation - you can make an appointment at: or 078 749 71 89.

In a very pleasurable atmosphere, it is possible to discover Maharishi's Technique and Vedic Science, which bring the full potential of Natural Law in human Consciousness as a stable ground to unfold all avenues of life.


Free Introductory Lecture:

Sunday 18th March at 19h00
Friday 23rd March at 19h00
or any other time for a personal appointment

For more informations please visit: Transcendental-Meditation

Maharishi Enlightenment Center
Auf der Lyss 16, 4051 Basel, 2nd floor

Please announce your presence: or
061 322 07 79

This is a Center where one can learn to meditate (Transcendental Meditation), to live as a healthy individual (Ayurveda), to enjoy a supportive architecture (Sthapathya Veda), to feel in harmony with one's own Self and the whole Environment (Gandharva Veda), and to gain increasing support of Natural Law (Jyotish and Yagyas).

Maharishi Enlightenment Center - Basel - Auf der Lyss 16 - CH-4051 Basel
Tel.: 061 322 07 79 - E-Mail:

Maharishi Enlightenment Center · Basel · Auf der Lyss 16 · CH-4051 Basel
Tel.: 061 322 07 79 · E-Mail:

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